Surfing Images By James Griffith.         SURFSTEAMERLANE.COM

A portfolio of Images of surfers from Middle Peak, the Point and the Slot at Steamer Lane, Santa Cruz.

Posted images are for viewing  purposes only and are not for  commercial use. Pictured surfers may request complimentary  image files or request removal of their images from website.

Portfolio presently contains 90+  galleries with over 7500 images. Images may be viewed singly or by slideshow. Portfolio is upgraded weekly.

Remember......surfing is art.  

Email:   Use image  number, if available, when requesting image copies.

If your image files are on the website you may request free small files. Small files are the size posted on this website, and are useful for computer viewing, smart phones, Facebook, emailing and small prints.

Comments are now allowed for viewed images in each gallery.

At the present time the Lane is open for surfing. Most parking lots are open. Steamer Lane Supply is open for takeout. Restrooms are open for use (most of the time). safe and don't get sick.

Effective 11-22-2021, galleries for the year 2018 are available for free download to your computer. Files are zip files and must be downloaded to a laptop or desktop computer.

Coming soon, Monday, 01-24-2022. Middle Peak and the Point.


Surfing Image Galleries

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